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                    is located in Kolimbithres.
Relatively protected from strong winds is an ideal spot
for beginners. Shallow, crystal clear turquoise water
and a lot of patience!!!
Twenty years of experience with a satisfying 95+% of success in beginers level on
Doubleski - Wakeboard and some 80+% in Monoski and Barefoot
(depends on the ability of the skier).
Teaching children is our  favorite, since they seem to remember who taught them for
the rest of their lives! Children have the ability to adopt information really fast and
they ski behind the boat
in no-time!

The iron boom on the side of the boat has turn waterski-lessons from
nightmare to pleasure!!!
The skiers start of the boom and by the time they become comfortable, they
advance to this 1,5m rope-handle.
The most important thing about the boom is that we get to have the skiers
next to us and correct each mistake they make!!!For ex. Nikola had to bend
her front knee and stand on the ski with both feet equally...and so she was
I made sure she had the right stance on her ski, feeling confident, then gave
her the long rope. She made it on Monoski in just two sessions
Same steps issue for double ski, wakeboard, barefoot.
Annia Skiing at last!!!at age of 6. We
had to wait for her to overcome the fear
of the boat. Annia could ski if I was
running-towing her but was really afraid
of the boat speed-noise...whatever.